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Financial Advisor for Couples
Planning Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

Helping Couples Spend Wisely, Invest Well,
and Secure Their Financial Future

At WironenAube, we see your wealth as more than your money. Wealth encompasses all the facets of your life—your relationships, health, values, and community. Our approach takes into account all your life’s most important people and values to create holistic financial goals.

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We Understand the Unique Needs of Financial Planning for Couples

When two high-achieving income earners combine their lives, there are many financial discussions to be had around their wealth, work, health, family, and aspirations.

Newly Married or Remarried

Newly Married or Remarried

A Blended Family

A Blended Family

Empty Nesters

Empty Nesters

Caregivers for Aging Parents

Caregivers for Aging Parents

If you and your spouse are in any of these life stages, you’ll want to create sound strategies for pre-retirement or retirement planning, estate planning, tax-saving, and joint investments to enjoy what you’ve both worked so hard to attain and ensure the resources to care for those you love. Our boutique firm provides a reliable financial advisor relationship that gives both partners a voice and facilitates aligning the next steps toward a freer future. We help couples engage in comfortable money conversations that reveal shared goals and help us design a plan for a beautiful future—a legacy you can build together.
If you’d like to talk about wealth management for couples, we’d invite you to schedule a call.


A Personable Team with Tailored Solutions

For each couple who entrusts us with their wealth management, we create customized strategies and solutions to support your lifestyle and leave a legacy.

We’ll never tell you what is right for yourself or your family: We’ll provide you the options that match your desires.

Education, Investment, and Guidance

When couples approach their finances with a unified understanding, they can achieve more. 

We will take the time to earn your trust by explaining our investment strategy and always listening to your input.

We'll always offer our best suggestions and offer complete transparency.

Proactive and Respectful Communications

We want to be available and expedient in answering your questions, and we'll always handle your life situations with confidence and respect. 

We wish each person and couple working with us to feel known, and we treat others how we'd want to be treated.

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