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Debra Farber

Client Service Associate

(978) 874-3256

(978) 874-3257

Debra has spent her 20-plus year professional career serving clients in the financial services industry. Debra served as the manager of the Colonial Cooperative Bank and subsequently as a Branch Office Administrator at Edward Jones.

Debra enjoys travel, food, wine, and horseback riding. She comes from a large close-knit family and can often be found cooking and hosting large gatherings.

Debra loves our clients. Her compassion and care is evident from the first interaction with her. Debra’s extensive experience and care for your needs provide an enjoyable and reliable customer experience.

Jennifer W. Aube, M.S., CFP®, ChFC®, CKA®

Vice President, Financial Advisor

(978) 874-3254

(978) 874-3255

Legacy – it has been a constant theme in Jennifer’s life, from the family photography studio that has flourished through the generations, to her maternal grandfather’s decades-strong family law practice, still thriving to this day. Beyond just the professional realm, Jennifer has witnessed the powerful influence a personal legacy can wield as she’s watched her father pass along his love of learning to her son, sharing knowledge of everything from bird-watching and cooking to handyman skills.

Part of Jennifer’s own personal legacy is Gardner, Massachusetts, where she grew up and eventually returned to after exploring life in Boston and the North Shore of Massachusetts during her college years. After teaching for several years, it was in Gardner that she founded her first business, Mustard Seed Technology, where she utilized technology to successfully facilitate access to school and recreation for children around the country.

In 2012, Jennifer made the leap to financial services at Edward Jones, where she had the privilege of helping clients plan for retirement and other financial goals in an effort to create their own legacy. During this time, she realized her passion for working with individuals, couples, and families to help them pursue fulfillment and freedom for generations to come through financial planning.

Wironen Aube Wealth Management is Jennifer’s legacy. It is a testimony to her family history, an opportunity to boldly impact the community for future generations, and an example for her four children. It is her pride and passion to work together with you and help you in the pursuit to live freely, retire confidently, and leave your own legacy.

To get started on your legacy, connect with us here.